Monday, January 12, 2009

College Starts

Oh yea...Tomorrow my class will be commencing and i will be having this semester for 14 weeks long...And the subjects i took in this semester is kinda challenging so wish me good luck in the chat box =D Nevertheless,i have been informed that there will be some new students for the current intake..Cant wait to see them as out of the sudden i became their seniors =( Cant wait for the new semester to begin and perhaps this might be my last semester in this course or college as i am having some rough ideas to shift college or courses..We will wait and see when the time comes =)

*Signing off*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

H.K & Shenzhen Trip (27/12/08 - 31/12/08)

It has been approx 2 weeks since i came back from my holiday trip to Hong Kong & Shenzhen..Yet, i have not yet posted something relevant on it..Now i will b posting on it due to someone which keep wanted to know about it =.= 

1st Day (27/12/08)
Depart from LCCT at 6.50a.m..Yea..Its kinda sleepy in the plane since the last night i was sleepless which ended up i sleep in the plane for the whole journey..The journey took around 3 hours plus which i arrived at the International Shenzhen Airport at 11.20a.m..When the plane landed,i was like wow because the airport was so big which it was divided into 2 terminals which one is for domestic flights & another for international flights.Surprisingly,the international flights terminal was filled with little people while the domestic flight terminal was filled with lots of people..After claiming the luggage,then we are off to the bus provided by city tour guide which send us to the town for our lunch..Along the road,i can see lots of lychee trees but with no lychees on it since the season is over =D Then i was told by the tour guide that Shenzhen was the 1st China state which is an open economic growth..The term means that Shenzhen was the 1st state which encourage the foreign investors to invest on the state..After a rather delicious lunch,we are off to the Miniature of China & the Cultural.In this place,we are able to see the culture of China in a day..The place is full of history of the Chinese culture and we watched some performance on the history of China.To the surprise,i felt asleep on the performance =( After staying dere the whole day including our dinner there,we are off to our hotel for check in...It was a tiring 1st day as i am sleepless last night and the weather there i could say is average cold which is around 17 degrees.

2nd Day (28/12/08)
Woke up at 8a.m & had my breakfast at the hotel itself..The tour bus pick us up at 9a.m & we are brought to a Jade Factory shop.It was a rather disappointed place to visit as we are able to have a look on the different types of Jade but we aren't able to buy because the jades are EXPENSIVE!However,we are treated a lychee tea drink which was believe by the Chinese that when you drink it,you will get a fair n smoother skin.Kononnya lar...xD After that,our next journey was off to a factory which are selling herbs =.= This place disappointed me as the MAIN purpose of this visit is the doctors there are checking for your health problems..For me personally was a bad 1 because the doctors there checked for you the disease you have and they will ask u to buy their chinese medicine herbs which will cost you a lot at the end of the day.But,we are able to know about this and so everyone in tour group did not even buy a thing from them except some cream which was believed that it helps in small cuts or scratches.Then,we have a lunch in a restaurant and the dishes are again same as my last nights lunch and dinner dishes @@.After having our meal,we are then off to the Windows of the World.This place interest me a lot as from the entrance to this place i can see an Eiffel Tower in front of me which is kewl..xD Windows of the World is the place that you can see all the famous buildings in the world but too bad there aren't any of our Malaysia building inside it which prove to be a sad case.The buildings inside there was an average 1 as some looks so fake while some looks kewl. =D We stay the whole day at there till our dinner time.When i & my cousins were touring the place,suddenly rain started to fell which makes us unable to continue our tour & we went to KFC for shelter.We then have some light meal at the KFC before we are off for our dinner.After our dinner,we went to do some shoppings in Dong Meng Jie aka Msia's Petaling Street..All the things there are kinda cheap as you can bargain it summore to be more cheaper..My aunt bought some of the things from there which proves she is a good bargainer as she can bargain an RMB100 plus thingy to RMB20..What a pro bargainer ...LoLs...After the shopping,we back to our hotel by the taxi with some other families in the tour group.I gone to the bed as i reached at the hotel..xD

3rd Day (29/12/08)
Woke up at 7.45a.m and i am rushing for my breakfast at the hotel as i am late because we are checking out at 8.30a.m from the hotel..Luckily, there are some of them aren't ready yet..Today will be an interesting day for me as i am going to cross the border of Shenzhen-Hong Kong by the bus.The bus pick us up at 9a.m and we are off to the border between the 2 countries...It was kinda a complicating procedure at the China Customs & Hong Kong Customs as we need to carry our luggage ups and downs from the bus.After all the inconvenience procedure,we are finally at the Hong Kong territory.Along the road out from the border,i can see lots of kampung houses which we can be seen in Hong Kong movies.Then,towards the Kowloon city we are able to see some of the skyscrapper buildings..First of all,we went to check in our luggage in the hotel.When i saw the room,i was like WoW as the room inside are damn small..If it was to be compared with First World Hotel,even First World Hotel rooms are bigger than it much more.Imagine when you are in the toilet and when you turn around you will almost hit the wall.After putting the luggage all at the room,we are off for our lunch at a restaurant.The restaurant was a nice 1 as the foods there are pretty nice.Even the waiters there are even 1st class though.Having a nice meal like this adds more awaiting experience for me.After meal,we are off to the Jacky Chan Jade Factory.The factory was owned by Jacky Chan itself which was used to produce Jades and sells all the jewellery thingy.It was nice to see as though the price of the things there are nice too xD Then we are brought to the Fame of Stars..At here,we are able to see the hand marks of the popular artist at the Hong Kong industry & also from International scene.The scenery there was quite a nice 1 as you can see the skyscrappers fleeing at the opposite side of Hong Kong Island..After that,we joined an optional tour to the Peak & the Wax Museum which includes a dinner.Before we went to the Peak & Wax Museum,we have our dinner 1st..Then,we are off to the Peak & Wax Museum.The Wax Museum proves to be the main attraction as you are able to see the structure of the famous people in the world which was made by wax.At the main entrance,the structure of Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan can be seen..However,the structure of Jackie Chan cannot be taken photos by own cameras but u can take the photos by their self provided camera service which end of the day u have to pay for the photos..Inside there are lots of famous people which includes Jay Chou,Brad Pitt,Michelle Yeoh,Angelina Jolie,George Bush,Bill Clinton,Nelson Mandela,Mahatma Gandhi,David Beckham,Albert Einstein,Ronaldinho,Yao Ming and many more which the list could go long and long.After the Wax Museum,we to the Peak which was located outside the Wax Museum.At there,you can see the marvellous scenery of Hong Kong at night.The lightings all goes up at all the buildings and the skyscrappers overlapped each other.After a short brief stay at there,we went down from the Peak and it was raining while we are on the way coming down from the Peak.After that,we went to Nathan Road/Nu Ren Jie for a short stay window shopping.At there,i bought a Nike shoe which i have to buy because my shoes broke even before i reached Shenzhen on the 1st day.After that,we went back to our hotel and by the time we reached our hotel is already half past twelve midnight.That sums up the day of the trip..

4th Day (30/12/08)
Woke up at 8.45a.m which apparently i was late for the breakfast at outside of the hotel..I quickly get myself down & went to the lobby to gather with the tour guide.The tour guide brought us to take dim sum for our breakfast which was nearby to the hotel and it could be reached by a short walk.The restaurant there serves variety of dim sum and it tastes delicious.But the only dish i craved for and it did not served is the egg tart..Hong Kong is famous for it but i was unable to taste it T.T after the breakfast,we check out our hotel and we are ready to go to Disneyland which was the main purpose of this trip =) Along the way to Disneyland,you can see the 3 main bridge linking between Hong Kong island,Lantau island & the Kowloon city..The bridge was a long 1 though...Finally,we reached Disneyland & we put our luggage at Hollywood Hotel lobby as we are waiting for the check in time.After that,we are off to Disneyland theme park by the shelter provided..There are lots of things awaited we in the Disneyland as you can see there are rides,performances being shown there.At there,you hardly see a rubbish or litter around Disneyland as they upmost the cleaniness at there.I sat all the rides there and saw the performances by the crew of Disneyland.I had my dinner there as the things there are kinda expensive..Sorry guys,i cant even afford a keychain too as a gift as the price there are really expensive..No Joking though..Before i went back to the hotel,I was treated a firework showcase light up in the Disneyland.What i can say is WoW WoW WoW WoW a magnificent and unforgettable 1 though..It was late when we went back to the hotel and have our rest time . =D

5th Day (31/12/08 - 1/01/09)
Today was the last day of my stay at Hong Kong/Shezhen trip and it was the last day of the year 2008 too =D 2day suppose to be a half whole free day for all of us.However,i n my aunts n cuzzys joined an optional tour to the Ocean Park.The shelter provided by the tour agency purposely fetch us to the Ocean Park..When we reached Ocean Park,it was kinda full filled with people but not as much as it was at Disneyland =D Ocean Park offered more thrilling rides and also some fantastic performance which is the Dolphin Show.It was quite a magnificent 1 as the dolhpins all are well-trained for the performance it takes time to have a result like this..The breakfast & lunch was on ours as we make it as a single meal which we called it Brunch =) After the meals,we went to some thrilling rides..By the time 3.30p.m,we have to get back to take a cable car to go to the down side of Ocean Park as the bus waited us at there.The bus then sent us back to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel to claim our luggage as we are preparing to go to the airport..We reached airport at about 5.30p.m...We check in our luggage which our flight scheduled at 8.30p.m..As we have much more time,we went to have wantan noodles before we departs for Kuala Lumpur..Inside the plane,the air condition was like not working as the air stewardess told me is working >.< trip ="D...

This sums up the trip blogging and below are the attached photos taken from H.K & Shenzhen:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sick @@

Was ill on Saturday which kept me on bed for 1 WHOLE DAY..Yes..U did not heard wrong.Is 1 WHOLE day..Happened to get a fever on friday night which i was halfway blogging on my trip post n the fever stuck suddenly.The next day went to see a doctor and to make matter worse the doctor suspected i have a bird flu or dengue fever because i just went back from Hong Kong...The doctor then gave me medicines and asked me to come back if my fever never gets cool down.Luckily,I'm getting better on the next day and free of bird flu nor dengue fever xD

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back to Malaysia Again =)

Yes...I'm back from my holiday trip to Shenzhen + Hong Kong...Landed safely on LCCT around 12.10a.m midnite.All i can say is i enjoy the trip to there and i will elaborate further in the newer posts as i am still collecting the pictures from my cousins..Please be patient ya :p

Happy New Year 2009!!!

Yeah..2008 adi passed n lets welcome the year 2009!! 

At here,wish u all a Happy New Year 2009 n it is a new beginning of the year in our lives again


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve at Sunway Pyramid (24/12/08)

Yesterday went out to Sunway Pyramid again for Christmas Eve..At first,skating was inside the plan of the day but it turns out to be a failure as most of them does not want to skate including me =D (does not know how to skate =.=) As the result,we went to Redbox to sing.We sang for 7 hours as it turns out to be a record breaking for us :p We sang various songs which compromise of english,cantonese,chinese n even hokkien songs.We started off with a shoulder dancing song by JJ Lin - Bu Chao Bu Yong Hua Chian which was sang by his all-time fans that is Siew Hong.Then the oldies songs started to come in as Kelly placing all the oldies while Rou Feng placing all the newest songs which in turn all of us have to sing it..The tempo started when we sang Mayday - Lian Ai ING & Leave This World as though we are having our concert xD.During the 7 hours,some of them cant stand it and leave the room earlier while the others continue to sing xD.Our last song was rounded off with Mariah Carey's Bye Bye..After that,we leave RedBox with all of us the voice almost gone and left hungering for food as the whole 7 hours we are only provided with drinks and NO FOODS.Thus,our stomach were filled with waters and we need something solid =D We then hang around inside Pyramid and snapping photos till we forgotten to eat.Finally,we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi to fill our empty stomachs and was then joined by the others who leave Redbox earlier during the long 7 hours.After our meal,we walk around again and took some photos before we went back.Then,my car was filled with 7 peoples squeezing in a car.Thanks god,there are no polices along the way xD..Then,i was treated a ride of zig-zag turns of junction by Kelly & Co. which ended up in front of Rou Yee's house.After that,i reached home at 11.55p.m which was 5 minutes before the Christmas =D It was an enjoyable day with all funs and thrills filled..It will go as a memorable 1 in our lifes as these excitement were priceless and cannot be bought by money xD

7 of us squeezing in a car =)

All of us in the scene 

All of us squeezing in to take a photo

Both of them drinking a jug of sprite lime which turns out to be a shocker

 A photo snap just outside the entrance of Asian Avenue

Kelly & Ann Bday Celebration (20/12/08)

Last week went to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Kelly & Ann Birthday..It was an overall good celebration as "our" plan works well against those 2..For those who are involved in the plan,our plan succeeded xD At first,the celebration should take place at Pizza Hut but due to my other suggestion of place so we changed it to TGIF.The change was a really disappointed 1 as the prices of food there was like @#$%@#$ haha....Anyway we have a good time n priceless memories there.At first,Ann was disappointed as she thought that we didn't celebrate for her and to her surprise she saw us bringing out the cake out wiv Kelly & her name on the cake..Then,here comes the surprising Kelly which she thought she was singing a birthday song for other people until she saw Jasmine bringing the cake out and she was speechless =D Here are some of the random pictures on that day..Enjoy Ya

All of us at TGIF 

Both of them cutting the cake

Opening their surprise gift which turn out to be 2 rolls of toilet papers xD

Yan wiv Ann

S.P & Yi Xin

Laughs show how enjoy v r =D

Me & Yan which was block by Ann's hand =.="

From left: Rf,Ry,me & Kelly Cheezzzzzz ^^

After the lunch,we went to watch "The Day The World Stood Still" which we miss it for about 10 minutes due to we went to play bowling before the show starts.Anyway,the show was quite a decent 1 with Keanu Reeves in the show acting as an allien from other space..After that,some of us went home while some continue to go for some shopping which sums up the day.